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And I never WAS an aardvark. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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the hidden extrovert [24 Jan 2007|05:25pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

If I had not shown up in person today in the office, I would not have had a job. Seriously. Today was absolutely mad. I show up, realize that the promised 1B class does not in fact exist, (oh, you thought we promised you a section? oh, no, no, that was just TALK...) sweet talk my way into the eng dept manager's goodwill, convince her to let me fill out hiring paperwork "just in case," and get her to the point of putting out a signup sheet for me in case any stray students wandered in wanting a class.

So as of 9'o clock, I was technically unemployed. I then flagged down every single person who walked within a ten foot radius of the english department office that I had any passing aquaintance with at all, told them I was hoping to get a class, and chatted with them, and passed out my email address, and asked them to send me their excess 1B students via the signup sheet in the office. 

I then ran into a passing acquaintance who happened to have 5 classes this semester and when she joked about giving me a section to lighten her load, I took her seriously. I gave her my email and told her to think about it and let me know.

A short time of hanging about, some time passing, and then I go back to the office to find that 1) said acquaintance gave up a section of English 1A to me that was starting in 30 minutes, and 2) the signup sheet for English 1B now had 34 people on it.

Watch me so talk myself into employment. Who wants to bet that I get 2 more sections tomorrow?

My students must think me even more of a babbling idiot than the last time I taught. I showed up to the first day of 1A sans greensheets, no textbooks, nothing. (Because I had a bag full of English 1B syllabi and textbooks. Thinking I had to teach 1B only. Go figure.) 

Adventures to continue!

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